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Biblical Calendars:

Calendars for each month are offered on these pages free for you to use. Each month begins with the sighting of the first visible sliver of the new moon in Israel and reflects the annual Torah reading cycle for the diaspora. Click on the link below each calendar for a printer-friendly pdf file. (If you don't have the current version of the free Adobe Reader software installed to open and print these files, click here.)

Further information on these calendars, including anticipated dates for the upcoming moedim (appointed times/feasts), our halakha (traditions) for publishing each calendar, links to articles on our website regarding the calendar and rosh chodesh (new moon), and links to resources can be found on this page.

Attention Webmasters:

You are welcome to link to these free calendars we provide. We request that you please link to http://hoshanarabbah.org/calendars.html instead of directly to the calendar .pdf or .gif files unless you are updating your link every month. We only keep the old .pdf and .gif files on the server for a short time. Each calendar has an anchor, so you can append the URL to link directly to the month. The anchors use the 3-letter month abbreviation followed by the 2-digit year designation, such as #sep09 or #dec12.

April 2022 — 1st Month of YHVH’s Calendar

April 2022 Messianic Hebrew Roots Abiv Calendar with Parashah readings and dates for moedim (appointed times) according to the sighting of the new moon and the barley in Israel being in the harvest stage of Aviv to begin the new year. This calendar includes dates for Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread

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Links to this month's Parshiot Studies: Tazria | Metzora |Acharei Mot

Links to this month’s moedim (appointed times/Lev 23 holidays):  Pesach/Passover, Chag HaMatzot/Feast of Unleavened Bread

Links to this month’s traditional days:  Shabbat HaChodesh |Shabbat HaGadol | Yom HaShoah